RMTP stream latency/delay accumulation


I work for a live auction site and I noticed that when the stream runs for long enough the RMTP version of the stream will begin to fall further and further behind the webRTC stream. Initially the flash stream will be good but after 20-30 minutes there will be around 1.5 second difference.  Starting and stopping the stream will resolve this issue. This is on the 4.2 version of the Red5pro, adn I was using a buffer value in my player of 0.3.

I've used other players before and this would happen when the network would dip in quality for a bit. In those cases there were steam events I could catch and read to get an idea of when the latency was accumulating. 

With Red5pro's WebRTC stream there are lots of events to catch, but not so much with the RMTP stream. I've been looking for events with:

VideoSubscriber.on('*', onSubscriberEvent); //onSubscriberEvent handling the different events. 

The only messages I am getting besides stop and start and embed are 

[RTMP SUBSCRIBER]:: [NetStatus] :: info - NetStream.Buffer.Full

[RTMP SUBSCRIBER]:: [NetStatus] :: info - NetStream.Buffer.Empty.

The appearance of these messages did not always correlate to a increased in the delay of the subscribers Flash stream. What doe these messages mean, and is there a way to tell when the RMTP stream acquires a delay?


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