[iOS 15 and 15.1] Publishing from Mobile Browsers - Important Notice

Please read below if you are publishing from the browser (not SDK) of your iOS device running iOS 15 or 15.1.

On iOS 15 and 15.1 there is an issue with Apple's WebKit that prevents publishing video from the mobile browser. Since WebKit is used on Safari and all other iOS browsers, this affects all browsers on devices running iOS 15 or 15.1. (Our team has confirmed the issue on Safari, Chrome, and Firefox). 

Our team has tested with the official release of iOS 15.2 and confirmed that the issue is resolved for Safari and Chrome mobile browsers on iOS 15.2. 

We recommend the following for users publishing from iOS mobile browsers:

  • Upgrade to iOS 15.2 to avoid the WebKit bug in 15 and 15.1
  • Once on 15.2, choose Safari or Chrome as your browser if using a mobile browser to broadcast.
Updated Dec 16 2021 MD
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