Software Dependencies - CentOS 7


Why does the Red5 Pro Server fail to run on CentOS 7? 


CentOS 7 requires certain software dependencies. See the the following SSL information for proper configuration.

Software Dependencies - CentOS 7

Note: Red5 Pro with WebRTC does not run on CentOS 6 due to an older and less secure version of glibc that has been updated with CentOS 7. If you want to run Red5 Pro on CentOS, you must use build 7 (note that we have not tested with CentOS 8).

Open SSL Configuration for CentOS

IMPORTANT: Because of different libcrypto library versions supported between CentOS and Ubuntu, with release 5.2.2 it is necessary to modify {red5pro}/conf/, and change openssl.enabled=true to openssl.enabled=false.

Depending on your permissions, you may need to pre-pend the following commands with sudo:

yum -y update
yum -y install java unzip jsvc ntp libva libvdpau

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