Pulling an HLS Stream


Can I pull from an HLS stream to Red5 Pro?



Using a player like VideoJS, set the tech order to prefer HTML5 over Flash and then ensure that you're using the appropriate URL for the stream.

An example URL pattern would look something like this:


Note that it ends in .m3u8, has the  port and uses the context and app names.

For more information please see the HLS subscribe section of the Red5 Pro HTML5 SDK doc.

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    Andrew Hummel

    Is there an example of the web SDK and how the config should look when subscribing to an HLS video?


    Is it something like the below?


    config = {
      protocol: 'https',
      port: '443,
      app: 'live',
      streamName: 'my-stream-name',
      rtcConfiguration: {
       iceServers: [{ urls: "stun:stun2.l.google.com:19302" }],
       iceCandidatePoolSize: 2,
       bundlePolicy: "max-bundle"
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