Checking the iOS SDK Version


How can I check if I'm using the current version of the iOS Streaming SDK?



1.  In Xcode, open up your application.    

2.  On the left side of your screen, make sure you are on the Project Navigator tab (the icon looks like a file folder; see screenshot below).


3.  Under that tab, click on the name of your project. 


This will bring up the project editor in the center of your Xcode window, if it wasn't up already.

4.  On the left side of the project editor, under TARGETS, click on your project name.


5.  You should now see several tabs in the project editor, starting with General. Under the General tab is Identity with a box labeled Version. This will show you the version you have in use. Compare this version number with the latest version of the SDK. To find out what the latest version is, check the Release Notes.



Updated 11/4/2020 MD

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