Adaptive Bitrate for Subscriber


Is there Adaptive Bitrate feature available for end viewer or subscriber?



Currently, we do not have this available.  Enabling this through the live transcoding of streams is on our roadmap. In the meantime, we do a lot of optimizations of the single stream for the viewers. We drop frames to keep up with realtime on slower bandwidth connections, and we manage to prioritize the audio channel so that it always keeps up. If the connection gets really bad, then we automatically switch to audio only. We also send messages through the SDK that allows you to notify the user through your app when these frame drops and switches occur.

In many ways, we see this single stream approach as a better solution than live transcoded streams. 1) it causes no additional latency, 2) it doesn’t add additional bandwidth costs, and 3) those on horrible bandwidth connections are going to have a poor experience no matter what. Either they get a low-quality blurry video (with the live transcode solution), or they get choppy frame by frame video (with our current solution).

For more on Adaptive Bitrate, please see the following link.

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