How to Control the Audio Quality (Mobile)


Is there a way I can adjust the quality of audio for my project? I'm trying to create a high-quality audio based project and the audio quality is very important.



Certainly! We use AAC for our sound which should work perfectly for what you're trying to achieve.

You'll need to set the:
R5Microphone.bitrate property.

For iOS you can find the setting for your bitrate here - you can set it to 64 and see how that works for you or higher if needed.

For Android, we use the default  - so you'll need to add a new line of code to the section where you attach the R5Microphone

Locate the noted above and add this bit of code after it: mic.setBitrate(64000);

This should help you control the quality of audio you're sending out.  For more on the R5Microphone Class please see our API Documentation.

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