Hardware Benchmarks


Do you have general benchmarks for maximum connections on your server?



The concurrency you can expect per Red5 Pro Server depends on two major factors, the specs of the hardware you deploy on and the quality of stream you are sending.  Concurrent connections are the number of connections occurring at the same time where a connection consists of 1 broadcaster OR 1 subscriber.
Our latest benchmarks can be found in our release notes.

Tests were run against an AWS m5.large instance (2 CPUs with 8GB memory, 2GB allocated to java_heap). Scroll to the bottom for other hosting providers.

Publishing a 256kbps stream via RTMP, we were able to achieve the following while still maintaining the quality of stream:

WebRTC = 500 Subscribers

RTSP (Mobile) = 1,800 Subscribers

RTMP = 1,000 Subscribers

The same server type can support approximately 75-80, 480p RTMP publishers.

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