Expected Number of Users/Streams


Is there a limit to the number of users? How many streams can it support? How can I view the number of viewers on my stream?



There is no hard limit placed by Red5 Pro itself, but we use 2,000 concurrent streams as our average. However, the concurrency you can expect per Red5 Pro Server depends on two major factors, the specs of the hardware you deploy on and the quality of stream you are sending.

In our testing, we've seen AWS support up to 2400 streams at 500kbps each on an EC2 M3.2XL instance with an 8-core Xeon processor, 30GB ram. We also support clustering of the servers, so that you can get infinite scale. That is if you plan on supporting massive scale.  Please see our hardware benchmarks for more information.

Viewing the number of Streams:

In order to view the number of users, we have built-in a stream manager as part of a clustering feature.  That will allow you to see the number of viewers.  Please note that clustering is currently available only with our Growth Pro Accounts.

Streams are organized by application on the server. This means to access all streams on a server you have to call getLiveStreams on each application (and then combine the returned arrays assuming you want to manipulate all the streams in one object). We suggest you get all the names of the application on the server using the getApplications API call and then loop through the returned array of application names, calling getLiveStreams on each.

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